07 - Setup Memcached

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07 - Setup Memcached


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This post is part of the Manual Deployment Openstack HA and Ceph series.

Memcached is typically used by high-speed components like Keystone (Identity Service) and Nova (Compute Service) in OpenStack to store frequently accessed temporary data, such as authentication information and instance status. By utilizing Memcached, OpenStack components can retrieve data from the cache faster than accessing the original data source, which is typically persistent storage like a database.

Install Memcached (All controller node)

1. Install memcached package

apt install memcached

2. Change listen address

sed -i "s/$(ip -o -4 addr show dev ens4 | awk '{split($4,a,"/"); print a[1]}')/g" /etc/memcached.conf

3. Enable memcached service

systemctl enable --now memcached
systemctl restart memcached