06 - Setup Rabbitmq Cluster


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This post is part of the Manual Deployment Openstack HA and Ceph series.

Install Rabbitmq (Exec on all controller nodes)

1. Install rabbitmq

apt install rabbitmq-server -y

2. Change rabbitmq listen address

sed -i "s/\#NODE_IP_ADDRESS=$(ip -o -4 addr show dev ens4 | awk '{split($4,a,"/"); print a[1]}')/g"  /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-env.conf

3. Start and enable rabbitmq service

systemctl enable --now rabbitmq-server

1. Distribute erlang cookie to other controller nodes

scp /var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie os-controller-02:/var/lib/rabbitmq/
scp /var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie os-controller-03:/var/lib/rabbitmq/

Join Cluster (Exec on controller-02 and controlloer-03

1. join rabbitmq controller-02 and controller-03 to controller-01

systemctl restart rabbitmq-server
rabbitmqctl stop_app
rabbitmqctl join_cluster rabbit@os-controller-01
rabbitmqctl start_app

Set HA Mode and Create User for Openstack (Exec on controller-01)

1. Set HA mode

rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-all '^(?!amq\.).*' '{"ha-mode": "all"}'

2. Check cluster status

rabbitmqctl cluster_status

3. Create openstack user

rabbitmqctl add_user openstack 'rabbit!dama'

rabbitmqctl set_permissions openstack ".*" ".*" ".*"